What's New Blog - Sept. 2003

Here you will find a blog, short for weblog, of every What's New section addition on the homepage for the month of September 2003.

September 17, 2003

  • We've added another Supplier to the Jeep Gear, JKS. JKS is well known for their Quicker Disconnects that allow you to disconnect your front swaybar for better off road handling. We will be adding Custom 4x4 Fabrication very soon to the line up!
  • I installed my rock rails and finished my front hitch. They are great looking and tough! Here is the installation article for my Custom 4x4 Rock Rails.

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September 10, 2003

  • It has been a long two weeks since the last update, but that's because we've been very busy! Notice the new button on the left, Get Jeep Gear!. Now we are offering Jeep products directly to you at the lowest prices! We currently only offer Skid Row skid plates, but we have pending deals with Rubicon Express, Kargomaster, and many more!

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