Some off road recovery tips to free your stuck Jeep

By Robert B.

Whether you off road on a regular basis or not, almost everyone could use some off road recovery tips.

Not everyone will get stuck, especially if you stick to the pavement and/or know how to use your 4x4 capibilities well, but you'll probably have to help free someone that is stuck eventually.

Knowing the right off road recovery tips can make the difference between someone getting unstuck or even if someone would get hurt. Here I've put together my articles in regards to off road recovery, and some of my installs that can be used for recovery.

My Suggestions

Recovery Straps - Know the difference between a recovery strap and a tow strap? Which one is preferred for off road recovery? Read this article to answer those questions plus for a few more tidbits you might not have known.

Tow Hooks or Front Hitch? - You've probably heard of tow hooks, but what about front hitches and their applications for off road recovery. Both tow hooks and front hitches make excellent recovery points, but which one is safer? The answer might surprise you.

My Installs

Draw-Tite Front Hitch - Interested in how to install a front hitch? Follow my install article and learn from MY mistakes, such as, "Should you take off the front bumper?" That question and more answered in my install article.

Those are all of my off road recovery tips and installs, but check back regularly for more articles and tips! If you would like to recommend some other off road recovery tips that I should put on this page, don't hesitate to contact me!