Some good Jeep lift kits that are
on the market

By Robert B.

Every Jeep owner dreams of those new Jeep lift kits .....

But they rarely make it a reality. The excuse is always that

"It's too much work"
"It's too expensive."

That's why I'm presenting you with some good high quality lift kits for various height levels. This way you can't say that

"I never did the research."

Please keep in mind, you should always start with a small Jeep lift kit and work your way up. The faster you build, the more trouble you're asking for. Start small, learn to handle your vehicle 2 inches taller, before jumping all the way to a Jeep lift kit of 8 inches or taller. Well here are, in my opinion, the 2 best Jeep lift kits at each level. I considered both quality AND price when selecting these.

From my experiences, the best brand for Jeep lift kits are Rubicon Express.

I highly recommend that you purchase these kits and parts from 4 Wheelers Supply .

They offer awesome customer service and even free shipping on their jeep lift kits!

Budget Boosts (less than 2 inches)

1st -
Rubicon Express 2" XJ Kit
( approx. $200 )

Gives 30x9.50" tires enough room to flex without trimming. You could probably stuff some 31's under this lift, but with some minor rubbing when fully flexed. This Standard Jeep lift kit is a great starting point for new XJ owners. This Jeep lift kit includes 4 Doestch Tech 3000 series shocks, 2 rear leaf springs, and 2 front coil spacers.

2nd -
Daystar 1.75" XJ Greasable Kit
( approx. $110 )

This Daystar Jeep lift kit comes with 1.75" front coil spacers and 1" lift rear greasable shackles.

3 inch Jeep lift kits

Rubicon Express 3.5" XJ Kit
( approx. $320 to $620 )

The 3.5" Jeep lift kit is designed for the Cherokee owner looking for a more aggressive look and performance, but wants to retain a stock on road ride. Their Super-Ride arms isolates road noise and vibration, keeping your Cherokee comfortable, while lifting the vehicle tall enough for 31x10.50" tires.

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4 inch Jeep lift kits

Rubicon Express 4.5" XJ Jeep lift kit
( approx. $670 - $870 )

The 4.5" Jeep lift kit replaces all your suspension hardware with Rubiconís top-of-the-line springs, arms, and shocks for clearance of 32x11.50 tires. This Rubicon Jeep lift kit completely replaces the stock suspension with their top of the line componentry providing superior flexibility and on and off road handling.

Included in this Jeep lift kit are Rubiconís Super-Flex front control arms, 4.5" springs and shocks, brake lines, and an adjustable front trackbar. With the 4.5" spring, this system will clear 32x11.50" tires easily and 33x12.50" tires with minimal trimming. Note the installation of a slip yoke eliminator and CV driveshaft on the stock NV231 transfer case is recommended.

5 - 6 inch Jeep lift kits

Rubicon Express 5.5" Kit
( approx. $1270 to $1760 )

The 5.5" Jeep lift kit for the XJ is the ultimate on and off road performer. This kit will clear 33x12.50" tires without any additional modifications. The Rubicon 5.5" Jeep lift kit is one of the best performing suspension system available for the XJ. This kit maintains proper control arm and steering geometry for lifted XJís, improving the stability of the vehicle on and off road.

Jeep lift kit highlights include:

Extra heavy duty front Track Bar and bracket for increased wheel travel XJís running the 6200 kit benefit from uncompromising off road performance and excellent road manners. This kit provides clearance for 33x12.50" tires. With fender trimming - Please note '97 and later Cherokees require more extensive trimming.

This Jeep lift kit comes complete with all necessary components including heavy-duty Super-Flex arms, new springs and shocks, and all other necessary components. It is recommended that you install a slip yoke eliminator and CV driveshaft.

All of these above jeep lift kits are available from 4 Wheelers Supply , which I highly recommend you check out