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Jeep Tech Tips, Issue #007 -- SPECIAL ALERT: 438,000 Jeeps recalled by Chrysler
November 13, 2003


  1. Jeep Recall
  2. Interested in making your own Jeep site?

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  1. Chrysler recalls 438,000 Jeeps

    I wanted to get this email out to you guys as soon as I heard the news. Chrysler has just recalled roughly 438,000 Jeep Liberties manufactured in 2002 and early 2003. The problem originates in the front suspension, where there is a problem with the ball joints. There have been 47 single car accidents in which tires have came off of the vehicle. If you feel that your Jeep may be involved with this recall contact your dealer immediately and double check!

  2. Interested in making your own Jeep website?

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