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Jeep Tech Tips, #014 -- Progress of my Jeep stealth fiberglass enclosure
May 21, 2004

  1. How-to build a Jeep stealth fiberglass enclosure
  2. Summer plans for Jeep mods

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  1. My Jeep stealth fiberglass enclosure

    Everyone that has a Jeep XJ Cherokee knows how the back cargo area could use some sound to fill up the space. But, I hate it when people blare their bass, especially with the rattling license plates.

    Just like anything in life, the key is moderation. Bass is not bad if you use it to fill in your interior sound. That is why I started to build a fiberglass enclosure in my cargo area. My first concern was to not take up much space at all, because I use that cargo area to store my gear. I decided to use the area across from my spare tire.

    I'm far from completed, but I've made a fiberglass mold of he cavity on the rear passenger side. Once summer break starts here in 3 weeks I definitely plan on finishing it.

    ------> Check them out the progress pictures here

  2. Summer Plans for Jeep mods -

    What plans do you have for modding your Jeep this summer? I know I have a long list, from the sub enclosure I mentioned above, to a bored out throttle body.

    Send me an email and let me know what you're doing!

    ------> Check out my plans here

    Thanks for reading another issue of Jeep Tech Tips. Until next time, keep on Jeepin!



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