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Jeep Tech Tips, #013 -- How to earn free Jeep stuff….no April Fools!
April 02, 2004

  1. Earn free stuff for your Jeep as a staff writer

Go to the homepage ----> Jeep Tech Tips

Our site is growing faster then ever, with more and more people using it every day; Over 350-450 individuals, including you, use our site every day!

We are in desperate need for staff writers, to write about everyday Jeep topics and terms. Our goals include:

  • Content pages designed to draw in more Jeepers through the search engines
  • Product and manual reviews of products and books you currently own.
  • News articles covering all Jeep topics
  • Comprehensive glossary of general Jeep terms
  • And much more!

The articles will only have to be around 500 words in length or less and become property of , but you may place your name on it as the author if you like.

So, you're probably asking "What’s in it for me?" We’re will give you $4 per article to spend on our Jeep Gear. That’s right, $4 per article that you can redeem for our Jeep products whenever you like! I am only extending this offer to my newsletter subscribers, so if you have any Jeepin’ friends that might be interested, be sure to forward this email to them and tell them to subscribe to our newsletter by going here:

Please note that the topics will be assigned by us and we may ask for improvements to the articles if they aren’t of high enough quality to be published.

If you’re interested in this opportunity, be sure to go to the address below and sign-up. We will not be able to except all applicants, so it’s on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Thanks for reading this and keep on Jeepin!


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