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Jeep Tech Tips, Issue #012-- Wondering where I've been lately?
February 26, 2004

  1. Wondering where I've been lately?

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Ok, so maybe you haven't noticed I've been gone, but....

I want to keep you guys in the loop in regards to the status of the site. Everything is going great, but you may have noticed the lack of updates in the last month.

Well long story short, my classes have been keeping me pretty busy here, but more importantly, I've been working on a NEW site with my friend!

Discount Hunting Supplies and Tips is the new site me and a friend have been working on. It provides you with hunting tips and techniques, as well as product recommendations and where to get some good deals on hunting gear. Check it out!

I'm only telling you guys this because most Jeep owners I know are avid outdoorsman, campers, and hunters.

So enjoy the new addition to the family and as always, keep on Jeepin!

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