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JKS XJ, TJ, ZJ Quicker Disconnects

Price: $126.95

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Our newly redesigned "Quicker Disconnects™" for the TJ,XJ and ZJ series Jeeps will revolutionize the QD industry once again. These QD's are length adjustable so the consumer can now adjust the length of each drop link to accommodate different size lift kits and/or unlevel Jeeps. This feature alone makes them much easier to use, simply because you make them the correct length. To disconnect them, simply remove the click pin and slide the bottom floating bushing off the axle mounted stainless steel pin. Rotate the sway bar up and re-attach the bottom portion of the QD to the storage pin. The TJ storage pin will hold the sway bar and QD up out of the way. XJ and ZJ owners will have to use the traditional wire tie method to hold everything up. (TJ,XJ,ZJ Series)

Finally, the u-strap is mounted on top of the sway bar. This feature alone forces the u-strap to do most of the heavy work. When lifting the Jeep® on a lift rack, the stored energy in the coil springs and the weight of the axle components transfer to the sway bar mount. If the u-strap is below the sway bar, then all this energy is applied to the bolt which usually snaps off. Obviously, you can see the advantages of putting the u-strap on top of the sway bar.

Other features include: silent operation, exclusive QuadZerk™ design, gloss black powder coating over zinc plating, robotically MIG welded for superior strength and quality.