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I'm still here! Sorry for the lack of updates lately, school has been a real bear this year. This summer expect regular updates as I take the wrench to my Jeep many, many times.

Anyways, keep on Jeepin; you'll hear from me soon!

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When I first got my Jeep, I valued the sites I found that had Jeep tech tips and other off roading information. Now I hope that I am "returning the favor" by including all the modifications I've done to my vehicle and other good Jeep tech articles.

My first car was a Chevy Cavalier. It wasn't the most luxiurous car, but it got me where I needed to go. But there was one place it couldn't take me, off road. As much as I wanted it to, there was no tech modification that would allow my car to go off road and into four wheel drive (Just imagine my old car with 37" Super Swampers!)

Luckily my father had a Jeep Cherokee that he agreed to give me in my last year of high school. Talk about a great present! Of course he told me not to modify it, but being young and ambitious, I couldn't resist. I turned to the largest resource for Jeep tech tips, the Internet. I was blown away by how many resources there are out there. If you want to fix or modify your vehicle, there is a Jeep tech article out there somewhere!

Most four wheel drive vehicles never use the feature, and even fewer ever take their vehicle off road ( About 80% of all four wheel drive owners NEVER engage low four wheel drive! ) What is great about a Jeep is that it is perfect for busy soccer mom or the hardcore off road enthusiast. There is no other vehicle that has such a diverse user base. If you are a Jeep owner like me, I salute you.

I believe the main reason most people don't go off road is that they don't know how to, or they simply don't want to risk damaging their vehicle. This site can give you the information and Jeep tech tips needed to venture into the great outdoors safely and with the confidence that you know what you are doing. But I can only offer you the Jeep tech tips, you have learn and apply them. Like anything in life, it's up to you if you want to learn the tricks of the trade.

And that is what brings me here today. I hope that I can ease your search for answers by placing all the Jeep tech tips I've found in one location. If you want to recommend a Jeep tech tip, or need help searching for one, please don't hesitate to contact me.

If you are new to my site, make sure the next thing you read is my "My Top 10 Jeep tech tips." These are rated in order of importance and are a MUST have if you seriously plan to off road.

Off road products and Equipment

No one is made of money, and that is why I recommend this site. I receive many 4x4 catalogs and have visited many websites. So far, these guys offer the widest selection of products for your Jeep at the lowest prices I have yet to find. The best online Jeep merchant I know of is 4Wheelers Supply.


Reading Material

I highly recommend 2 resources every Jeep owner should keep on his or her bookshelf. A Factory Service Manual, although pricey at $100, will provide you with all the tech support you'll need. It will give you the ability to fix your Jeep while avoiding the mechanics high labor fee. It WILL pay for itself many times over. Conact your dealer to pick one up or you can order one directly from DaimlerChrysler here. Be sure to select "Service Manuals" as the category.

The 4x4 community has developed abbreviations for various Jeep models, some of which I'll use on this site, here they are:

XJ - Regular Cherokee (like mine) '84 - '01
ZJ - Older Grand Cherokee '93 - '98
WJ - New Grand Cherokee '99+
YJ - Older Wrangler '87 - '95
TJ - New Wrangler '97+
MJ - Comanche '86 - '92
DJ - Postal Jeep
CJ-5 - Civilian Jeep ?? - '75
CJ-7 - Civilian Jeep '76 - '86
SJ - Old Wagoneer
KJ - Liberty '02+

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Jeep Tech Tips Gear
Get top of the line off roading gear at the lowest prices for your Jeep

Jeep Tech Tips - My 96 XJ Cherokee
A description of the various tech mods that I've done to my 96 XJ Jeep Cherokee

My Top 10 Jeep tech tips
This is my list of the Top 10 Jeep tech tips needed to make a safe trip off roading.

Jeep Accessories for your Interior
Check out some of my suggestions of Jeep accessories for customizing your Jeep's interior

My tips for Jeep body armor to protect your exterior
Some of my installs and recommendations for Jeep body armor to protect your exterior.

Off road recovery tips
Have a stuck vehicle? Use my off road recovery tips to free it and not get stuck again!

My recommendations for Jeep magazines
Some various Jeep magazines that are MUST reads if you are a Jeeper

Jeep Apparel
My articles about various Jeep apparel and sporting goods that are on the market.

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We've partnered up with Jeep-Classifieds.com to bring you the best Jeep classifieds online, maybe even the only classified ads just for Jeeps.

How to purchase the best Jeep lift kits for your vehicle
Comparing and contrasting types of Jeep lift kits on the market

Jeep resources and helpful sites
Links to excellent Jeep resources, websites, forums, and products.

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